IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.

There is no passing score. Each candidate has to meet a certain requirement which differs according to the country you apply for and your purpose .

They are held 4 times a month, usually on Saturdays,but once a month ,on Thursday

For the writing module, you can use either a pen or a pencil. However, for the Reading and Listening modules, you should use a pencil.

Although it isn’t mandatory ,but it is strongly recommended as it makes the answers easier to read.

You are only allowed to take pens, pencils, eraser and a sharpener. No mobile phones or watches are permitted. A clock in the examination hall helps you keep track of the time.

Yes , you can by paying a fee within a period of 6 weeks of the date of your exam.

Yes, you may as many times as you want.

Your result is valid for the next 2 years

The Speaking and the Listening exams for both are the same. However,the Task 1 of the Writing module and the Reading test are different.