Computer-delivered IELTS embraced by test takers around the world

Computer-delivered IELTS embraced by test...

Test takers around the globe have welcomed the option of taking the world’s most trusted high-stakes language test on a…
IELTS grows to 3.5 million a year

IELTS grows to 3.5 million...

The internationalisation of higher education and an increasingly mobile international workforce migration continues to drive demand for IELTS – the…
IELTS Online Tutorial

IELTS Online Tutorial

IELTS Online Tutorial is a web-based platform designed for people who use IELTS results in their place of work. It…


IELTS is the “International English Language Testing System”. It is the most well known english test throughout the world.

IELTS analyses your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in English. It is to make sure that one is well- versed with English and would be able to cope up with the language barrier that one might face while migrating to an english speaking country from a non-english speaking one. Thus, it involves an overall analysis of a person related to the language.

IELTS is a one step forward to achieve your dreams. Sometimes, people consider it as a big hurdle. But, it is not that hard as they perceive it to be. IELTS require basic english knowledge though a good knowledge of Grammar rules will definitely give you an upper hand.



To migrate to an english speaking country, one needs to pass an english proficiency test.

IELTS test is of two types:
  1. IELTS-Academic test
  2. IELTS General Training test

The former test is taken by people who wish to to carry on their higher studies in an english speaking country. The pattern reflects the language used in the academic courses in such countries and ensures that you are ready to start with your studies there.

While the latter test is taken by people who wants to permanently migrate to countries like Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand.While in other countries, General Training IELTS test score can help you to take part in training programs or attain a work experience.

Moving forward, both the tests are divided into 4 modules, namely, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

All these modules individually carry 9 bands and their combined average gives you the final band scores. Therefore, it is necessary to score well in all the modules and you cannot skip any of these tests.